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Polyester & Vinylester Resins

Scott Bader resins for the composite industry are produced to the highest standard and have a worldwide reputation for quality and reliability.
Crystic resins are used in yacht building, transport sector, construction, silo construction, pipes and cladding.
The Scott Bader resins cover the entire field of fiber reinforced plastics production such as: brush and spray, winding, closed molds, pultrusion and casting.
• General laminating resins - designed for ease of use
• High application, chemical resistant resins for demanding applications.
• Flame retardant resins - especially for the construction and transport world
• Specialty resins - for solid surfaces and casting.
• Closed molds - for vacuum injection, vac flow, RTM, and SMC.
Complete range of resins with low styrene evaporation.
Resins for closed mold technique
Due to environmental aspects and commercial reasons, more and more GRP manufacturers are switching to closed mold techniques.
Scott Bader continuously develops new products for the closed mold process. We supply a range of Crystic resins that can be used in the well-known closed mold techniques.
Well-known systems include:
• Vacuum injection: A simple process, uses flexible vacuum foil and traditional GRP moulds.
• VacFlo: A cost-effective process, relatively low investment through the use of lightweight GRP moulds. Suitable for series production (approx. 5 parts per day)
• RTM Light: A follow-up to VacFlo with similar molding techniques. Uses an injection machine which makes the process more controllable.
• RTM: A fast and efficient way to produce GRP products. The process involves controlled resin injection through dry reinforcement material into a solid (heated) mould. A more expensive system for multiple discharges (40 - 70) per day.
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