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Composite Materials

ADVANCED PLASTICS BENELUX BV is a young and dynamic company that specializes in the supply/maintenance of processing machines, as well as the distribution of raw materials for the plastics processing industry where composite materials are mainly used.
The vast majority of the products are of a specialist nature. These are therefore sourced from renowned manufacturers all over the world, with whom ADVANCED PLASTICS BENELUX BV has had relationships for many years.  

ADVANCED PLASTICS BENELUX BV has a good and leading position in a large number of markets, mainly within the Benelux and Germany.

In order to serve the markets even better, we are continuously working on expanding the product range. The aim is to build long-term relationships, both with our suppliers and with our customers.

Responding quickly and accurately to customer questions is central to ADVANCED PLASTICS BENELUX BV.
In combination with the ability to supply raw materials directly from stock, ADVANCED PLASTICS BENELUX BV is a respected and reliable supplier.

Thanks to its very extensive product range, ADVANCED PLASTICS BENELUX BV offers the option of one-stop shopping. This is very attractive for you as a customer: Having all raw materials, consumables and tools supplied by one supplier. This service is simpler, faster and above all cheaper.

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