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Multiaxial Non-Crimp Fabrics

Innovative and tailor-made: SAERTEX composite reinforcements made of glass, carbon and aramid fibers. These materials are also known as NCFs (non-crimp fabrics). We supply non-crimp fabrics with more than 3000 item designs. Depending on the fiber type, area weight and angle combination, different mechanical properties can be achieved. SAERTEX multiaxials are individually configured for our customers and optimally adapted to a range of processes. Suitable processing techniques are vacuum infusion , RTM, pultrusion, prepreg, etc.
Under the name SAERfix, we supply our multiaxial products finished on one or both sides with a special adhesive layer, allowing you to work faster, cleaner and more targeted.
Standard Products.
These are often available from stock. If these are not in stock, we can deliver them quickly from the factory in Saerbeck (D):
  • Biaxial
  • Bidiagonal
  • Triaxial
  • Quadriaxial
  • Unidirectional
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