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Top Gear SilCon Six 1:1

Alan Harper Composites have built on their 5 year experience designing and building silicone machines to bring to market the revolutionary and new TopGear Silcon 6 model for manufacture of Reusable Vacuum bags.
Simplicity combined with unique pump system is featured to provide smooth, pulseless and void free output of all pourable silicones. Experience has shown that users need an economic and compact machine that can be used across the whole range of silicone meter mix industrial requirements.
The company met this need by thinking outside the box by not following convention and not building multi valve positive displacement pumps which are limited by their output reliability due to added complexity and pump valves closing speeds. The new TopGear SIX model has no pump valves with infinitely variable smooth output characteristics.
Transparent on board holding tanks, giving instant level indication and also with audible low level alarm feature, feed the pump input directly through short 20mm fittings eliminating previous and common cavitation problems. As silicone viscosities can be as high as 22000 cps they present real concern over ratio mismatch due to inaccurate conventional reciprocating pump feed systems at the higher outputs. The company’s new TopGear model has eliminated these concerns with simplicity in design reducing manufacturing costs and bringing to market the most competitively priced machine available today.
ALL Silicone spray needs of Reusable Vacuum Bags.
  • Precision, air driven rotary pumps
  • Valveless and pulseless accurate metering
  • Powerful 4 HP safe air duplex drive
  • Highest output.
  • Glass clear graduated tanks
  • Tank Low level audible alarm.
  • Exceptionally low tank redundancy < 1.7kg
  • Lightweight highly manoeuvrable
  • 4 m feed hose to spray head
  • Light weight head
  • Rotational fittings with quick release
  • Soft, fatigue resistant finger tip start
  • Spray pressure regulation with gauge
  • Rapid & Infinitely variable output.
  • Easy Head parking
  • High flexibility covered umbilical.
  • Emergency Stop Control.
  • Exceptional low maintenance.
  • 1:1 and 10:1 models
  • Easy to transport
  • Long Life Warranty
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