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RS Chopper Pistol

Replace blades in seconds
Innovative chop gun for the production of composite materials

Extend the productive time for Fiberglass Spraying


Graco's new RS chop gun allows workers to change the unique "no-cut" blade cartridges in seconds (compared to 15 minutes with traditional versions). In addition, blades and rubber rollers can be changed on the production line itself, increasing the productive time for the production of your glass fiber reinforced plastics.

This version is up to 44% lighter than competing models for better spray control. Graco's RS chop gun delivers a superior spray pattern while reducing VOC emissions.


  • Easy-to-replace blade cartridges keep production going

  • Productive chopper for required output with fewer roving strands

  • Less roving means fewer bobbins and more productive time

  • Roller tension adjustable from outside - no disassembly and no tools required

  • Thanks to the speed control you can adjust the glass production during spraying

  • Air Assist Containment Standard (AAC)

  • Available with internal and external mixing models

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